Hey, how's this for being good on my initial post? I actually did a search AND read the guidelines about reviving threads more than 6 months old before posting this! (Please, hold your applause until the end).

I've got a turkish coffee grinder style pepper mill as popularized by Jeff Smith which I've had for twenty+ years. I've been very happy with it, it does an excellent job of finely grinding copious amounts of pepper quickly. In fact, prior to reading some threads here, my only complaint with it was the apparent lack of adjustment properties (I have an adjustable mill for cracked and coarse grinds).

Here's the thing. I want to start grinding my own spices for curries (I have a vindaloo recipe I'm dying to try), and I was thinking that this would be much faster, and better, than the mortar/pestle. My concern is "contaminating" the grinder. When I'm done, does anyone know of any way to clean the grinder so my pepper doesn't taste like cardamon, or cumin, or whatever I grind in it? I was thinking of possibly running some roasted rice grains through it, the starch possibly grabbing and pulling the oils out of the grinding mechanism, but worried about gumming it up...

Thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.