I like to make an Egg Beater Omellet everymorning and as a college student I decided to try and cook all my meals with one "everything" pan. So far this skillet has worked wonders for pretty much everydish, but I have yet to figure out how to make my omellets not stick.

I've tried a very hot pan with cold oil, the eggs just sizzled and immediatly stuck to the pan.

I've tried very hot pan with hot oil, and got the same result as above.

I've tried a medium heat pan with cold and hot oil, the eggs didn't immediatly adhere to the pan, but still I couldn't get a good clean removal (some parts stick horribly while others do lift off).

I've also tried very low heat with oil and waiting a long time, but the result was the worst out of all of them as a thick layer of egg glued itself to the entire pan.

Please help!