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Thread: $300 Worth of Party Supplies

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    Default $300 Worth of Party Supplies

    Have a summer party planned? I just found out Ile de France Cheese is giving away $300 worth of gourmet cheeses, Gourmet crackers, Fine French chocolates and more a week. You just have to type in a reason why they should send you the party package over everyone else.

    For more Info check out:

    Summer Soiree Giveaways from Ile de France Cheese

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    Trying to find financing for my business?
    about two months ago, I paid everything off on my credit report. My scores have now jumped to almost 650 and have been on the raise since opening and paying on time my car loan, and two credit cards with 300.00 limits. My problem is that I have a party rental company, which I have approx 100,000 worth of equipment that I own out right including a box truck. I recently moved, and now want to restatr my business, but have no money for advertising, and I need a few new items that have out dated. If I didn't move, I wouldn't have this problem. I even have about 15,000 worth of retail party supplies. So to my question, any idea where I can get a loan to start my business and get some new equipment.

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