Two weeks ago I pickled a ton of eggs, I'd say about 4 dozen, in a gallon jar. I used white vinegar, red beets and a mix of pickling spices (mostly coriander, allspice, peppercorn, red pepper).

The eggs are really weak. I've noticed that the brine has lost color, and when I opened the jar to test an egg, I could smell them over the vinegar. I tasted the brine and it seems weak as well.

I'm not sure what is going on. I added some more beet juice, and at first it was a nice purple, but now it's a pale, clearish-pink again. The eggs don't seem to be absorbing as much as I though they would either.

I'm really disappointed at how they turned out. This is only the second time I've pickled eggs, but the first time they where a lot better.

Is there a way I can "fix" this? Would it work if I made up a new brine and re-soaked them? Would the eggs absorb it?