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  1. WTN: Gregory Peck's claret, + Loire, Campania, Rhine wines
  2. Relive AOL's Wine & Dine Forum
  3. TN: wines on patio and on a lawn- Fevre, Chidaine, et al
  4. TN: Gevrey vs the world (OR, Bdx, Rhone)
  5. Airplane luggage pressure pulling up the cork a bit (2-3mm)
  6. 2001 Tondonia Reserva Red
  7. TN: Goodbye/bday dinner for my stepson, with Prosecco, Etna bianco,and 26 yr old Beaujolais
  8. Favorites in Dundee, OR
  9. Rodney Strong Reserve Pinot Noir 2008
  10. TN: Back to NY- young Nebbiolo, couple Kabs, couple Chardonnays, etc
  11. classy wine, classy endorsement
  12. 2013 Rappahannock Cellars Chard/Viognier
  13. TN: Wines in Portland ME
  14. Ripa delle More 2005, Tuscany
  15. Re: recent Loire wines
  16. TN: Wines in Maine (MSR, Marche, St Estephe, Champagne, Vouvray)
  17. Albea Srl "Lui" 2005 / Funny concept at Trieste wine store.
  18. Interesting late harvest dessert wine from Italy
  19. My trip to Sonoma last month.
  20. My trip to Sonoma last month.
  21. 2011 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir
  22. TN: Bubbly Chenin, Dry Riesling
  23. Re: recent Loire wines
  24. TN: Couple Haut Medocs, Muscadet, BdM, etc
  25. Re: recent Loire wines
  26. Montesodi 2009, Chianti Rufina
  27. TN: Champagne, Franconia, El Dorado, Etna, Chablis
  28. TN: Patio/lawn wines- Sicily, Etna, and some not from islands (Bojo,Soave, etc)
  29. TN: white PN from Rheingau, Cali Syrah and Chard, Steen
  30. Cabs Services In Hyderabad
  31. TN: Gruaud-Larose, Furst, ESJ
  32. TN: Gruaud-Larose, Furst, ESJ
  33. 1997 Teofilo Reyes Ribera del Duero
  34. 1997 Teofilo Reyes Ribera del Duero
  35. Drinking window for B.V. Clone 4 and Beringer Private Reserve Cab.
  36. TN: Wines in city and suburbs- MSR, CA, Burgundy. Rhone
  37. A side note about the hospitality at the wineries I went to in Napa
  38. Napa Cabernet Notes
  39. TN: White Burgs, Champagne with Shanghai-style food in Tribeca
  40. TN: Inside wines, outside wines - Loire, Beaujolais, Chablis, Argentina
  41. Re: Campocorto Chianti Classico imported to US?
  42. Re: Campocorto Chianti Classico imported to US?
  43. TN: Summer wines from Loire, Beaujolais, Finger Lakes, and more
  44. Campocorto Chianti Classico imported to US?
  45. Weekend Reds
  46. Re: 2009 Clos Rougeard
  47. Re: 2009 Clos Rougeard
  48. Re: 2009 Clos Rougeard
  49. TN: Wachau, Loire, Burg, and south of France
  50. TN: 4th of July weekend
  51. TN: Loire, CA,. Burg, Marche, and more
  52. Luce Vite Brunello 2008
  53. TN: Gonon, Clos Rougeard, and more
  54. Visit to Kistler Vinyards, Sonoma
  55. Re: Weekend with CA friends
  56. TN: 7 Gamays, 1 Chenin Blanc, 1 Gruner Veltliner
  57. TN: Many Cantemerle, many La Lagune
  58. TN: wines al fresco (Burg, Jura, Rioja, Loire, etc)
  59. 1997 Rene Renou Bonnezeaux Cuvee Zenith
  60. TN: SOBER does Ausone and Austrians, plus couple Aus- free things
  61. TN: Willi Schaefer Spatlese with accidental deconstructed turducken
  62. TN: old rose, dull NY wine, and a few better wines
  63. "Critics are not objective." (recent article)
  64. 1996 Impala Merlot
  65. 1998 Ducru Becaillou for father's day
  66. TN: Spring wines- RB Bdx, Etna, Burg, Loire, Chile
  67. 1997 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne
  68. TN: Mostly Riesling with Wine Media Guild on UES, NYC
  69. Couple of oldies Burg and Luna
  70. Re: 2 WE successes
  71. Hello!
  72. Re: 2 WE successes
  73. TN: 1 Oz, 3 Old World
  74. TN: Germans, Burg, Languedoc, Bdx
  75. Bad terroir
  76. TN: 2004 Red Burgs- some green, some mean, some lean, some I like
  77. TN: Lots of wines with porcelet and more
  78. TN: Memorial Day wines
  79. TN: 1999 Brunello
  80. TN: Multiple Madirans, 1 El Dorado, 1 Chassagne
  81. Re: couple of good low end Rieslings
  82. TN: Keg wine, plus Arbois (new producer to me) and Liguria
  83. TN: couple roses, one red, one bubbles
  84. Red vs White
  85. Chinon
  86. TN: Pomerol, Mosel, Vallee d'Aoste, and Sicily
  87. 2000 Drouhin Chablis Premier Cru
  88. WTN: 4 Rieslings, 10 Chateauneufs
  89. WTN: 4 Rieslings, 10 Chateauneufs
  90. TN: Mothers Day weekend, with LdH,Dashe, Burlotto, and more
  91. TN: 2006 Chassagne 1ers with and without TCA, 2 2013 roses
  92. Banyuls - Temperature
  93. 2000 Drouhin Chablis Premier Cru
  94. 1994 Robert Mondavi Reserve Napa Cabernet
  95. 2004 Sassiciaia
  96. TN: US, French, and Austrian wines
  97. TN: Mendocino, Chablis, Etna, and Niederosterreich
  98. 2006 Louis Jadot Meursault premoxed
  99. TN: 17 bottles of Musar on the wall
  100. TN: 1 Rhone, 1 Burg, 1 Loire, 1 Pfalz, 1/2 Champagne
  101. TN: Rieslings, plus Valentini, Trimbach, Inama, Chidaine, etc
  102. TN: Blind St Julien, with surprises
  103. TN: Easter and other wines
  104. TN: Burgs, Bdx, Loires, Alsace, Ribera Sacra,and Bergerac
  105. TN: Rieslings show well on lovely spring weekend
  106. N: week;s wine (Burg, CA, Loire, etc)
  107. 2011 Nexus Ribera del Duera Cosecha
  108. TN: Wines at home and at Peking Duck House (NYC)
  109. Final Days in CA wine tasting Sonoma review
  110. TN: Hermitage, St Estephe, Jura, Nahe
  111. TN: A memorable wine
  112. Further reports from California tastings
  113. Le Nez du Vin kit for terroirs
  114. TN: Italian Whites, Cahors, more
  115. TN: 2 Rieslings and a Poulsard with green curry
  116. Light Whites
  117. Brachetto d'Acqui Question
  118. Brachetto d'Acqui Question
  119. TN: Blind Graves- class will out
  120. TN: 2 Trocken Rieslings, + Burg, Collio, El Dorado
  121. Re: Has anyone heard of...?
  122. OT whisky comment
  123. TN: Biryani night, with Rieslings, Burgs,and more
  124. Off to several days of tastings north of Santa Barbara
  125. TN: Rhone, Burgundy (proper) and Beaujolais
  126. Wine suggestions
  127. TN: Bubbly Burg, Jura Chard, Corsican Rose, ESJ Syrah
  128. TN: St Paddys and weekend wines
  129. TN: Special Club, Chevillon PTG, Lapierre VdT, Cowan PN,
  130. NZ Riesling.
  131. the mysterious Dureza!
  132. TN: Concert week wines (Bdx, Burg, Tuscan, Mosel, Champagne, Bandol)
  133. [LONG] Cellar Clearance Party 2014
  134. TN: SOBER does Piedmont (lots of F Rinaldi) plus Riversaltes andTaittinger CdC
  135. TN: 2 Beaujolais, 1 Chablis GC, 1 Montepulciano
  136. TN: 10th Anniversary of local wine group, featuring 2004 vintage wines
  137. TN: Tuscany, Ruwer, Alsace
  138. Muga Tasting
  139. Moet & Chandon Petite Liqueur
  140. TN: Week of European wines- Italy and France, with one Spanish wine
  141. Make your own Pauillac!
  142. TN: Mostly Italian, with a Loire and a Burg
  143. TN: Winter wines (Germany, Rioja, Sicily, US)
  144. [TN] Recent wines (Nebbiolo, Grenache, Bordeaux and Pinot)
  145. 2010 Peregrine (Central Otago) Pinot Gris
  146. TN: Wines I liked (from Corsica, Sicily, Canary Islands, Bordeaux,and California)
  147. TN: 1989 Bordeaux
  148. TN: on a hot streak- 5 wines I like (Corsica, Burgundy, Mosel,Piedmont, and Loire)
  149. TN: Wines with Fondue, capon, etc
  150. TN: Mostly 1996 Burgs (including La Tache!) , plus 71 Piedmont, 90Krug, etc
  151. Looking for Mudgee bed and breakfast
  152. TN: Mostly Medoc
  153. TN: Haut-Medoc, Burgundy, and Rueda
  154. Does technology = better wine?
  155. Does technology = better wine?
  156. Wine match with Cast Iron bronzed cauliflower
  157. sticky brown goo coming out of Riesling cork?
  158. TN: Back to wine- Montlouis, Chianti, St Emilion, and Macon
  159. [LONG] Recent and not-so-recent wines
  160. TN: Winter Wines (Burg, Barolo, Sonoma, Champagne, etc)
  161. Deep freeze / extreme heat / flood and rain (New FREE Service)
  162. Deep freeze / extreme heat / flood and rain (New FREE Service)
  163. TN: New Year's Eve Eve, New Year's Eve, New Year
  164. TN: Christmas week wines
  165. Thank you and Merry/Happy Christmas to all
  166. WTN: SOBER at my place (61 Bdx, 89 ZH, 95 ESJ are winners) plus 88CCR and a Joly
  167. TN: Burgundy and Canary Islands
  168. 2000 Guigal Chateau de Ampuis Cote Rotie
  169. TN: Hirtzberger, JJ Prum, O Raffault, Lafarge, Sicilians, etc
  170. TN: CdR, Jura, Muscadet, Beaujolais (no notes on the mulled wine)
  171. TN: Best wine night in a while- Magdelaine, Malconsorts, Keller,Comtes de Champagne, BA
  172. TN: Spouse's birthday, with overachieving Barbaresco and Burg, and awhite Burg beginning to show the Pox
  173. TN: Saar, Prosecco, Touraine, Barolo
  174. RIP Judy Rodgers
  175. TN: Post Thanksgiving wines- Sicily, Liguria, Wachau, South Africa
  176. TN: Thanksgiving with Bea, Coudert, Donnhoff, Mondavi, and others
  177. 2011 A to Z Pinot Noir
  178. TN: Chinon and California Touriga Nacional
  179. Bonne Mares
  180. TN: 8 nights of wine
  181. [TN] This week's wines
  182. "The wine was sweetened with honey and spiced with juniper, mint,cinnamon bark and other herbs."
  183. TN: SOBER at Mark's, with a slew of Savignys and some older California
  184. 2007 Felsina Rancia and 1997 Fontodi Flaccianello
  185. TN: French Wines for French Fred's 50th
  186. TN: a week or so of wines
  187. 1994 Chateau Montelena Cabernet 3L
  188. thanksgiving wines
  189. 2000 Elio Grasso Barolo Ginestra "Casa Mate"
  190. Tornadoes
  191. Any wine drinkers willing to help?
  192. Thanksgiving day wines.
  193. TN: Cal Cabs 1971-1987
  194. TN: GG, B2K, #2, KV, and wines with real names :)
  195. Thanksgiving wines for traditional dinner
  196. "Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, andsmall people talk about wine."
  197. {LONG] More wines
  198. TN: assorted wines from all over (well, France, Spain, Italy, US, Germany
  199. TN: Charity tasting with 1996 (and few other vintages) Bordeaux, a SOthat's not a joke, and a sadly corked Prum
  200. Searching for Demestica (Greek red wine)
  201. Global Wine shortage
  202. 2005 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne Montrachet 1er Morgeot
  203. 1997 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot
  204. Maynard James Keenan's wine
  205. TN: US, French and Italian wines
  206. 2010 Celani Tenacious Red Napa
  207. Inexpensive Red Blends
  208. TN: blind tasting with some inexpensive red Burgs
  209. Kermit Lynch
  210. TN: 1983 claret, plus Champagne and 66 Beychevelle
  211. 2003 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay
  212. 2005 SQN Atlantis Syrah
  213. TN: slew of Burlotto, great Saves and Beaucastel, other nice wines
  214. 2009 Isole e Olena Chianti Classico
  215. Vermont
  216. Hill Country wines
  217. TN: 1985 claret and overcooked steaks at Preserve 24
  218. TN: wines with the (non-prodigal) son- '88 St Emilion, etc
  219. WTN: Burgundy, Loire, Champagne, Saar, Sicily, Loire, SLO
  220. "...Fragrant, woody/resinous, minty/peppermint, sweet, chemical,popcorn, lemon, fruity (non-citrus), pungent and decayed."
  221. "...If you want a bulletproof taste test,...you should be tempted todrink the entire bottle. By yourself."
  222. [LONG] Recent tastes
  223. A partial explanation for cork taint
  224. TN: French and Italian wines
  225. 2000 Chapoutier Ermitage Le Pavillon
  226. TN: France, Spain, Israel
  227. TN: Mostly Italian
  228. TN: Etna White and Red, plus Margaux, Moulin a Vent, Mosel
  229. Truth being stranger than fiction,
  230. TN: mostly Rioja at a Basque place in Chelsea
  231. TN: Alto Adige, Kremstal, Sancerre (pink), Rioja (cheap white) , Kremstal
  232. TN: SA, Loire, El Dorado, Chablis, and Anderson Valley (and cancelled party)
  233. TN: Sober At John's- Champagne, BdM, Pomerol, CdP, CA
  234. nvestigation. Education . Say. An international leader in the fieldof environment and health , promoting the Department of Environmental HealthSciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health Excellence ,innovation and interdisciplin
  235. TN: '63 Warre, plus Roagna Dolcetto and nice summer wines
  236. TN: Making plans for Nigl (& Ollivier, Tayac, etc)
  237. TN: Champagne, Val d'Aosta, Anderson Valley, Santa Ynez
  238. TN: White from Loire & Mosel, Pink from Piedmont, and Red from Graves
  239. No more Bressan for me
  240. TN: Beaujolais, Burgundy, and Champagne
  241. SWAT Lunch
  242. TN: wines in Maine and NY
  243. [LONG] A Visit to Enderle & Moll
  244. [TN] 2012 Laible Weissburgunder
  245. Baggage
  246. Your Thoughts on USA's S. Blancs (need reccomendations)
  247. TN: Surprising minor Bordeaux, and an 05 Beaujolais
  248. [TN] Familiar and New
  249. Chateau Smith - anyone else think it is just wrong?
  250. brief TN: Sushi and Champagne