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  1. Recommenations for Northern Rhone and Loire winery visits
  2. TN: Glimpses of wines (US, Italy, Spain, France)
  3. Re: Temecula winery recommendations
  4. 98 Dom Raspail ay Vacqueyras
  5. TN: Loire, Chablis, Anderson Valley, Spain
  6. TN: Decent QPR SA Chenin Blanc, excellent QPR Beaujolais
  7. TN: La Conseillante plus other Pomerols, Alsace, Champagne, Bdxblanc, Chablis
  8. TN: Easter and other wines
  9. Does wine also have different types of astringency?
  10. Southern Point Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
  11. [TN] Several pleasant surprises
  12. TN: Wine from all over France and Italy
  13. [OT] RIP Ed Rasimus
  14. TN: a week of wines (most I liked) from all over
  15. [TN] Fishing for faculty
  16. Worst. Wine. Bar. Ever
  17. TN: Bunch of Tuscan IGTs, plus Burgs, El Dorado, Bergerac, etc
  18. Cava, which ones do you like
  19. Can a wine cure depression? (with apologies for a bit of a ramble!)
  20. Help with menu matching for Spanish dinner
  21. TN: Burgundy, Calabria, Nahe, Champagne, Oc, Trentino, NM
  22. The Ultimate wine rack and automatic drink mixer?
  23. TN: Bordeaux 1928-1989, plus Piedmont, bubbly, and white Burgundy
  24. TN: Cali, Burg, Loire, and Bierzo
  25. Rediscovered alcohol addiction recovery technique
  26. "It's important to understand why certain wines are consideredclassics even if they're not your cup to tea."
  27. Wine labelling
  28. TN: slew of Savigny
  29. Australia and New Zealand
  30. TN: nice dinner with friends and some Loire, Rhone, and Bordeaux wines
  31. Small miracle from a very good vintage. T>.
  32. TN: 3 good whites
  33. [TN] 2011 Coudert Cuvee Christal
  34. [LONG] Cellar clearance 2013
  35. TN: 2 Piedmonts, 2 Burgundies, 1 Loire
  36. [TN] 2011 Navarro Dry Gewurztraminer
  37. gifted wine, appreciated (Rias Baixos 2011 Albarino
  38. TN: Whole lot of wines over last week+
  39. TN: Chalone Vineyard Estate Pinot Blanc 1993
  40. worst match I can remember
  41. TN: 30 year retrospective of 1983 Bordeaux
  42. Reports from the Dive Bouteille
  43. TN: Kudos to Kalin (plus Champers, 82 & 61 Bdx)
  44. 2004 J. J. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett Riesling
  45. TN: Trotanoy and Prince de Merode lead- good weekend of wines
  46. [TN] Weekend wines
  47. [TN] Some recent wines
  48. TN: wines with murder and more
  49. TN: SOBER in CT - mostly Piedmont and Burgundy, with Sicilian,Corsican, and Champagne sides
  50. TN: Romanee-Conti 1970
  51. Jim Hodges, 6StringStu, Six String Stu, James Stuart Hodges 3102
  52. TN: Italy and greater Burgundy
  53. Cheyenne gets some cock
  54. 2008 Quintessa Illumination Sauvingon Blanc
  55. TN: Cassoulet with '69 Burg, '81 CaliPN, '85 Cahors, '86 Haut-Medoc,01 Graves blanc
  56. TN: Sicilian wines
  57. TN: 3 nice Burgs with 3 nice dinners at home
  58. TN: Gruaud vertical (plus Matrot, P Peters, and Trimbach)
  59. TN: wines from lots of places (Bdx, Burg, Tuscany, Champagne, Saar, Loire)
  60. Oregon wine tasting suggestions
  61. dessert wine?
  62. TN: wines from a busy social week
  63. [TN] Lledoner Pelut
  64. Good priced Garncacha with pork and green mole question
  65. TN: 86 Mont Redon CdP
  66. Do the adverse effects of fructose have anything to do with wine?
  67. TN: Boxing Day through New Years
  68. Vina Eguia Rioja Reserva 2007
  69. Holiday wines
  70. New Years Wines
  71. Digital imaging and wine
  72. Wine Wand
  73. TN: Christmas Eve (7 Fishes) and Christmas Day wines
  74. 2009 Antica Cabernet Sauvignon
  75. Christmas Wines
  76. Christmas wines
  77. TN: Nice pre-Christmas wines
  78. SWAT Holiday Tasting
  79. What do you think I can price these home build wood wine racks at?
  80. TN: I host SOBER, serve my best wines (1929-1997)
  81. High end Christmas tasting. Arroyo Vino wines Santa Fe
  82. TN: Mostly Burgs
  83. OT: linux newsreader?
  84. TN: Mostly good wines (US, France, Spain)
  85. 2009 Domaine de Montille Beaune 1er Les Perrieres
  86. Spanish wines Punto y Seguido
  87. Fun surprise with mushrooms
  88. '97 Ridge "89 Las Cases
  89. TN: Galicia, Slovenia, & Tuscany
  90. North Berkley Imports tasting
  91. TN: a week of drive-by notes (long/boring)
  92. Pyrazine/vegetal flavor
  93. Soldera: the end?
  94. 2001 La Palazzetta Brunello
  95. TN: Musigny Vieilles Vignes 1990, Comte de Vegue, bottle No. 00099
  96. TN: Greater Burgundy, Rheingau, Piedmont
  97. 1995 Selvapiana Bucerchiale Chianti Rufina Riserva
  98. "...It was an exquisite experience. The problem I had with it wastrying to describe it. It was like nothing else I had ever had...."
  99. [TN] '09 COS Frappato
  100. TN: Ch. Latour 1970 and Schloss Eltz Rauenthaler Baiken TBA 1976
  101. Turkey day at Red Cat NYC
  102. 2010 Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial 2010
  103. TN: Thanksgiving in Georgia
  104. [TN] Thanksgiving wines
  105. Malbec for Thanksgiving
  106. TN: NY, NY/Ontario, and French wines
  107. 2006 Anne Gros Vosne Romanee Les Barreux
  108. TN: Lisini Brunello Riserva 1975 and Petrus 1979
  109. Turkey Day
  110. 1999 Chave Hermitage Rouge
  111. TN: Gamay, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Corvina
  112. TN: Tuscans at Il Corso in midtown NYC
  113. 2001 Frank Family Reserve Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon
  114. "Aesthetics of Wine" (new book)
  115. TN: Burgs, Barolo, Rheingau, Alsace, etc
  116. "Wine is greatly affected by what's in fashion. Right now that meansbig, ultraripe, opulent and smooth (lower-acidity) wine that's often higherin alcohol content."
  117. TN: Election and Nor'Easter (Nahe, Sonoma, Piedmont)
  118. 2000 Trimbach Clos Ste. Hune Riesling
  119. blonde ritch bitch gets it poolside
  120. TN: 4 kinds of Burgundy (white, PN, Gamay, and bubbly) plus Loirepink and CalCab
  121. 1998 Beaucastel and Vieux Donjon
  122. TN: Sandy week wines
  123. "Should degree day summation recommendations be revisited in terms ofchanges in consumer tastes, viticultural practices, and definitions ofenological ripeness?"
  124. "In some wines, a subtle vegetable garden smell is pleasant and addscomplexity, but if it is the predominant character, it is a major flaw."
  125. "...The best wines will have more than just a fruity personality."
  126. Does your definition of "ripeness" include lack of vegetal character?
  127. Burgs and Bordeaux ugh.
  128. TN: Pre-Sandy wines
  129. [TN] Recent wines (Pinot, Verdejo, Frappato)
  130. Good restaurants
  131. At Last! Discover A Total transformation system To Get You Ripped by the new year.
  132. WTN: German Rieslings, Bdx, Dunn, ZH, and more at Grand Sichuan
  133. 2008 Feudo Maccari "Saia"
  134. WTN: 3 B+ wines
  135. cute bbw loves her dildo
  136. hello
  137. Paleo Recipe Book - Brand New Paleo Cookbook
  138. TN: Fleurie, Gevrey, Alsace,etc
  139. Wine Apps Survey
  140. TN: SOBER drinks 1998 Pomerols, 1982 Baroli, 1972 Burgs, more
  141. TN: white Loires, Pinot Noir, and Rhones
  142. Wine Apps: Consumer Perceptions Survey
  143. [TN] Old and New (CNdP, Champagne, ABC Pinot)
  144. TN: Moschofilero at a new taverna
  145. TN: 3 Italians, 2 French, 1 US
  146. TN: Older French and one german wines
  147. TN: Jay's Jersey City Jeebus
  148. TN: lunch and dinner wines= US, FR, IT, DE
  149. Lunch Notes Oct. 2012
  150. Peppery Beaujolais wines
  151. [TN] Recent wines
  152. TN: 1982 Right Bank Bordeaux at 30
  153. TN: Mostly French wines over a couple days bday celebration
  154. Tuscan Dinner Notes
  155. TN: Burgs, plus California wines, Tuscan pink, NZ PN, dull RB Bdx
  156. Rhones and Bocce
  157. jargon
  158. TN: SOBER does 2002 Burg
  159. [TN]] In praise of dry Riesling ('10 Gobelsburg)
  160. 1998 Ornellaia
  161. Thanksgiving info
  162. TN: Tempranillo Night
  163. TN: Cote Chalonaise, Sonoma Cty, Loire, and Lazio
  164. TN: week of Wine (Alsace, Amarone, Brda, Bordeaux, Bugey, plus winesfrom later in alphabet
  165. [TN] Weekend wines
  166. 2011 Diatom Chardonnays
  167. Flora Springs wines
  168. TN: Week of wines (DE, FR, AT, US)
  169. Bocce Wine in the Garden
  170. "School of Wine..." (recent NEWSHOUR segment)
  171. [TN] '61 Beychevelle
  172. TN: 1982 Bordeaux, plus some other interesting wines, at Fabio's
  173. [TN] '10 Occhipinti Frappato (for Mike T)
  174. Bolly, Morgon, Moreau, Prieur, Poyferre and Sauternes
  175. TN: Labor Day week wines
  176. [TN] Poulsard 'n' Paella
  177. Recommended Italian Wine Guide Please
  178. Sticker shock
  179. TN: summer wines
  180. 1988 Chateau Lynch Bages
  181. [TN] '08 Huet Le Mont demi-sec
  182. Most expensive wine of this century?
  183. [TN] 2011 Navarro Gewurz
  184. [TN] '07 Bisceglia Aglianico del Vulture
  185. TN: Waugh Cellars "Junior" 2008
  186. 86 Beaucastel: drink up
  187. TN: Champagne and Sushi
  188. [TN] Good Godello
  189. NV Agrapart Champagne Blanc de Blanc "Terroirs"
  190. TN: Burgs (including Beaujolais), Loire, Mosel
  191. [TN] '10 La Sibilla Falanghina
  192. "Finding good values in American wines is not easy."
  193. [TN] Miscellaneous wines while traveling
  194. TN: SOBER does Burgs, Barolos, and Vouvrays, plus a Rioja, Champagne,Pfalz, and Rhone
  195. TN: Mostly French, plus Steve E. and Willi S.
  196. [TN] '05 Brun Fleurie
  197. JC Cellars, the Imposter 2007
  198. 1992 Penfolds Bin 389
  199. TN: French and US wines
  200. Ninth International Terrine Event Notes
  201. 1990 Heitz Cab and 2000 Chateau Pavie
  202. York Festival of Food and Drink
  203. TN: Greek, French, and Spanish wines
  204. 1997 Ceretto Barberesco Asij
  205. Pyrazine aroma and flavor in Cabernet S.
  206. TN: a few good wines, more that aren't so good, 1962-2011
  207. Notes from 1990 to 1904 - a 20th Century Restrospective
  208. TN: mostly whites, plus bubbly, 2 pinks, 2 reds
  209. Not Really Tasting Notes from a benefit for a friend
  210. More fruity = less suitable for drinking w/food?
  211. Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernets
  212. 2 California Cabernet Sauvignons from the 1970s
  213. TN: Riesling and Rose
  214. TN: Morgons and More (roses, Alsace, Loire, Cote Rotie, etc)
  215. kewl kiosk of really great vendors--you must visit!
  216. TN: A night of GC white Burgs
  217. [TN] '99 Font de Michelle CNdP
  218. 1990 Diamond Creek Lake Vineyard
  219. TN: California, Champagne, V. d'Aosta, St. Julien, Rioja, more
  220. "Last week, I told my wife a man is like wine, he gets better with age..."
  221. "If you drink the best wine everyday, you will eventually poison yourself."
  222. [TN] Heart Attack and Vine
  223. TN: week of (French, German, Austrian, and American) wines
  224. [TN] Morellino di Scansano
  225. 2008 Paul Hobbs Cabernet
  226. [TN] Red wines in scorching weather (Coudert, Baudry)
  227. In praise of the passively cooled wine cellar
  228. TN: 2 very unusual older wines
  229. TN: 4th of July Wines
  230. TN: Liguria, Val d'Aoste, Beaujolais, Loire, Chablis
  231. Somersby Apple Cider now unleashed!
  232. "Everyday Guide to Wine"
  233. Cleansing the Palate Essential for Relishing Wines
  234. Re: Recipe Poem
  235. Lunch Notes - Italy, France, Canada...
  236. TN: Craig turns 39.96
  237. {TN] '98 Pegau
  238. [TN] '02 Ecard Savigny Narbantons
  239. TN: 3 pinks, 3 whites
  240. TN: Back to NY wines- Nahe, Cali, Burg, Loire, Champagne
  241. Tablas Creek & Martinelli
  242. TN: mostly dull wines in mostly wet Scotland
  243. 2 older Bordeaux
  244. FAQ web site updated for Sonoma
  245. Pre-Phylloxera vines in =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Midi-Pyr=E9n=E9es_get_?==?ISO-8859-1?Q?Monument_status?=
  246. Cut Your Food Bills in Half!
  247. More Lunch Notes
  248. friend visiting Alsace
  249. YAFI WINE = Yacchos + AFW + FRBV + IHV + Iacchos
  250. Burgundy fraud