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Thread: A Wine a Day...Collio Riesling Renano DOC

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    Collio Riesling Renano DOC
    (Courtesy of

    Grape type: Riesling Renano (Rheinriesling – the German variety is
    very recent as DOC and is already proving its worth in the area)

    Area: hills along the Yugoslav border, just south of the Colli
    Orientali appellation

    Color: light golden

    Nose: intense, floral, with fresh nuances of green apple and even
    peach and lime

    Palate: the wine’s ample bouquet is confirmed on the palate; dry,
    fruity, structured, elegant and well balanced

    Aging before release: not required

    Cellar life: evolves for a couple of years, even longer

    Food pairings: antipasti, particularly seafood and shellfish-based,
    risotto, pasta, even structured fish dishes or rich ones, with sauce

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    Mike Tommasi Guest

    Default Re: A Wine a Day...Collio Riesling Renano DOC

    WINE66 wrote:
    > Collio Riesling Renano DOC
    > (Courtesy of

    You do not mention a producer, thereby assuming that all wines from a
    DOC are similar. Actually most are, but we are not interested in "most";
    if you must talk about a DOC, talk about the fermented must from a
    specific good producer, dont just give us excerpts of the "disciplinare".


    Mike Tommasi - Six Fours, France
    email link

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