Vistalba Corte C
70% Malbec, 20% Merlot, 10% Bonarda
$10-$17 on Wine-searcher, but 3 vendors for $11 or less

Nice ruby color but young, with few overtones, especially of darker

Light on the aroma. There is a subtle smell of fruits and rocks, but
it’s very slight.

Interesting taste. The wine acidic, bitter, smooth and light, all at the
same time. Not overpowering at all. Still, it’s one-dimensional in
terms of flavor, emphasizing a bitterness oakiness that is rather bland.
It is still not bad for a cheap drink, however.



Vistalba Corte B 2004
70% Malbec, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
$18 to $32 on Wine-searcher, but numerous vendors at $20 or below.
Keeper, especially for value

Color is ruby, but somewhat light—seems just a tad young. Nice
legs, especially for a middle-quality wine.

Fruity, soft, and floral aroma. Like picking fresh fruits, or fresh
rain. There are some subtle hints of tannins and oak in there, too.
Aroma is also very strong.

Very full-bodied and very complex. It’s a great combination of
flavors—oak, coffee, and spice. Very bold, especially with the
spice. One of the nicest qualities of this wine is the balance.
It’s not too fruity, and it really brings in a lot of nuance for a
Malbec. Long finish.

9.0/10. It’s a fantastic value, though, and it’d be more of
a 9.2-9.3 for the price.

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