I have said it before I am not a fan of CA versions of Rhone Wines.
Usually not a good QPR at all. This one from Costco at 14.99USD is
perhaps an exceptin. BUY MORE my wife exclaimed. I was not quite as
thrilled, but it has a good balance, is fairly heavy (14.5 alc.) I
chilled slightly before opening to just under 70 and the fruit came
thorough full and rich. Bright red fruits, like raspberry. Oak is
persent just on the edge of too much for me, but Bev, well see above.

I am making an effort to open my mouth more fully in tasting. My teeth
have gotten fairly sensitive in recent years and I noticed recently
that I am overly protective of them to the point that I have not been
using my whole mouth to taste so my experiences have been
dissapointing at times artificially and my fault.

Zaca Mesa is pretty big but with a steak, I can imagine heaven.