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Thread: TN: wines while wearing a tuxedo

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    Our good friend Alex had his 50th this weekend, they invited 4 couples to ablack tie dinner at their house (Alex used to have a restaurant in Paris, and still loves to cook). So I got in a tux and Betsy into a long gown, andwe headed across town.

    We started with Champagne and nibble (pate de foie gras, dry sausages, etc)and then moved to table.. Alex proceeded to present a memorable
    meal. For first course each of us had a bowl with several pieces of
    pieces of foie gras, then we ladled on the hot vegetable bouillon to "cook"the liver. That was followed by gravlax and cucumber, and a sweet mustard sauce. Then his first attempt at his Bulgaria-born grandmother's
    moussaka (excellent, meat, tomato and eggplant, no bechamel), then
    persimmon and orange salad, a cheese plate, and finally a pavlova (baked meringue) fruit dessert.

    We supplied most of the wine, trying to have some significant years- when kids were born, year they met, etc. There was a NV Veuve Cliquot that didnt appeal to me.

    2007 C. Moreau "Les Clos" Chablis Grand Cru
    Big, full, good acids, quite nice. B+

    2006 Huards Cour Cheverny
    Good, waxy Chenin like aromas, balanced acidity, good length. B+

    1992 Kalin Semillon
    Interesting wine. On first opening it seemed a bit stolid and austere, withthe mild oxidative notes I expect from Kalin whites. Got better and betterthrough night, by favorite glass was a room temperature sip 4 hours after opening- big (huge mouthfeel), zingy acids, lemon, wool, appleskin, even a little Riesling-like petrol.

    2005 Clos Floridene (Graves)
    Grassy, medium-bodied, dry but with a honied note than seems more Semillon-ish than SB. B

    2000 Baumard "Trie Speciale" Savennieres
    Full, wax and wool, rounder than most Savennieres, good but better as it warms (though then goes just a little hot on finish). No signs of oxidation. B+

    1996 Domaine Maillard Savigny-les-Beaune
    Acid is really sticking out here, tart raspberry fruit, a little baking spice, lots of life but too much acid even for me. B-/C+

    2007 Breton "St. Louans" Chinon (mag)
    I've never seen this bottling from Breton before, but I quite enjoyed. Solid black cherry fruit, coffee, wood bark. Nice balance of ripe tannins, lively acids, and full fruit. A-

    1980 Ch. Margaux
    What a pleasant surprise, easily the best 1980 claret I remember. Fairly light and feminine, but not fading at all, pretty Margaux floral notes over abase of red fruits. Sandalwood, tobacco flit in and out. A-/B+

    2003 Clos des Camuzeilles Fitou
    Quite ripe, low acid, dark berry fruit with some herbal notes. Good length,but definitely could use more verve. B-

    1987 Martinez Vintage Port
    Decanted a few hours before dinner, less volatile than some other bottles of this, nice showing, lighter style of port with moderate sweetness, clove and other spices mixing with the ripe fruit and cedar notes. B

    Fun night, and a privilege to be there.

    Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.

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    Default Re: TN: wines while wearing a tuxedo

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