Solihull Fine Wine Society September Tasting

A vertical of Barton, put on by Kaivan, and on a rare occasion for the
society, not blind. You got what was on the label.

oldest first, another interesting variation and created some discussion.

1985, bright hint of brown, expressive cassis, mint organic nose, complex,
true claret. What an entry of soft fruit tannins acidity, all in harmoinous
balance with pepper and spice. Wonderful. 3rd WOTN

1986, youthful, full extract, very dumb with a bit of tobacco at a pinch,
then a mouthful of puckering tannin, there is fruit but will it ever come
round? reminded me of 1975 Lascases.

1988, deep ruby, no age, a dumb nose of oak and leather, and then a suprise,
wonderful palate of berries spice, long, most unexpected after the nose.

1989, viscous and deep, looks magic, textbook claret, cigarbox, cassis,
vegetal, leather, big soft tannins with layers of mature fruit, a rich wine
and a textbook claret, will still evolve.

1990, deepest wine of the night with 1996, sparkles, another magic nose as
the 89, but even more layered and complex, superb balance, all spice and
fruit, very rich and so long, magnificent WOTN

1993, quite pale ruby but good legs, a simple claret nose which revealed
nowt, soft with some tannins and good fruit, a perfect luncheon claret. Not
bad for a fair only year.

1994, please be good as I have bottles left!!, deep ruby, shines,
marshallows and old dusty cupboards, sweaty saddles sweet violets, grip,
soft with still some unresolved tannins, good acidity and mature fruit and
cinnamon, needs food.

1996, huge extract as 1990, dumb, but opens up in time to reveal muted
layers of immature claret, but what a palate, intense fruit and firm
tannins, liquid blackcurrants, good now but will be superb, a wonderful

1998,Looks like cherryade, smells like cherryade, a fruity alcopop,
overextracted and in the old days a few bags of sugar, awful.........much
discussion, duff bottle or the style of the vintage, I hope for the former.