Solihull Fine Wine Society November tasting.
Blind as usual, we knew it was Sauternes.

Due to a failure in communications, our Edgbaston contingent got the date
wrong, so just five of us including host sat down to six opened bottles.
Luckily he had not opened the final three, though the theme and structure to
the tasting was in dissaray.

1975 Coutet, light pale gold,a butterscotch and marzipan nose. Soft slightly
"burnt" palate, ? over the hill

,1975 Doisy-Vedrines, deep gold, complex botrytic, beeswax nose, barley
sugar palate with good acidity, very pleasant BUT, after two hours, nose had
gone and it had become a sweet drink.

1990 Coutet, medium gold, but very bright, a honeyed barleysugar and some
spice, fat and full with unctous fruit, needs a bit of acidity, very

1990, Doisy Dubroca, medium gold, a wonderful nose of bread and butter
pudding, apples, hints of rubber, (has he put a riesling ringer in?), what a
taste......complex liquid fruit, balanced. my 2nd, WOTN

2005 Coutet, Pale gold, very restrained, slight perfume but tight nose,
sweet and cloying, needs acidity

1999 Coutet, deep gold, complex multilayered nose marshmallow, nuts and
riesling hints. Excellent entry, buttery and botrytis, lingering fruit, long
excellent, My WOTN

Hard work and I am glad in a way we stopped at six, even with spitoons it
sat heavy on the gut.