So, I am on a lot of wine mailing lists. And I prefer to buy in less
than case quantities, but often best offers are for cases. So I often
just buy and parcel out to some local friends at exact cost (and
they're glad to have someone geeky making the choices). So last month
Wine Connection had a good price on the 2005 Potensac, I bought a case
and sent a note asking who wanted 2 or 3 bottles. A couple weeks later
I had a speech nearby and picked up, took a few bottles into house,
left rest in OWC in trunk (it was a cool day, with a cool evening).
Next day I dropped off to friends, had 1 bottle leftover (I hadn't
remembered if I was keeping 3 or 4 for myself). But then I forgot
about it. When 2 weeks later I open trunk, there's the last bottle. In
between we had several upper 70s /low 80s days. No signs of seepage or
distress, but not a bottle to cellar. So last night had with lamb rib
chops and leftover vegetables.

Warm, sweet fruit, medium to full bodied, nose of cassis and cocoa. On
palate fruit has a redder edge, fairly lush texture, some tannins but
no real astringency. Good length. No noticeable signs of damage,
though I wonder if a pristine bottle would have seemed as forward. I
think I would have maybe pegged this as Right Bank blind. Nice wine,
wonder what the others are like. B+/B