Sorry haven't had much time for posting notes, not that I'm drinking any
less mind you...

At Easter dinner with a small leg of milk-raised lamb, potatoes and
peas, 1993 Boisrenard from Domaine de Beaurenard, Chateauneuf du Pape.

This is from the beginning of the oak barrel experiment at Beaurenard.
One of the Coulon brothers admitted freely that this was an attempt to
produce a wine that Parker would score highly (and he did). I bought 3
bottles of various years including a 90, which I think was the first
try, and haven't ever tried it until now. (I continue to buy CdP from
the Coulons, but stick to the traditional elevage).

In a nutshell, very good indeed. Very peppery nose with kirsch and tar,
then an elegant mouthful with no sign of wood at all, excellent balance,
staying quite lean but with solid black fruit structure, seemed as if
there was a good amount of syrah with meat and leather. (I don't
remember the encepagement if I ever knew it). Decent if not outstanding
length, but almost certainly the most elegant CdP I've had from the vintage.