Some times it transpires that chemists of my professional acquaintance
also share my passion for wine. Such was the case this weekend when a
prominent chemistry professor from Princeton happened to let slip that
he cellared wine and a had a particular fondness for Chateauneuf. One
thing led to another and tongight we ended up with two famous professors
sipping wine in our living room after a day-long symposium.

1990 Domaine du Pègaü Cuvée Réservée
nose: cherries, minerals
palate: medium-full, smooth, cherries, mild funk, good balance

Our wino guest had mentioned that a '94 Pegau had rocked his world, so I
opened the '90, an early purchase made shortly after moving to Indiana.
Still fairly primary but lovely, it would have gone well with a smoked
game bird.

2001 D'Arenberg "The Footbolt" Shiraz
nose: eucalyptus, blueberries
palate: medium body, streamlined, smooth fruit

Our other guest expressed a love of Aussie Shiraz and this was the only
one in the cellar. Quite good for its genre, it maintained its balance.

Mark Lipton
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