Tuesday I was in charge of dinner, Betsy had to leave at 7 PM for a meditation group and I had no time to shop, so it was basically throw together stuff from freezer, fridge, and pantry time. Luckily there was a mushroom/madeira soup in freezer, a leftover duck leg to shred over salad, and I threw together ricotta and spinach to make a pasta sauce. Wine was the 2006 Nusserhof Lagrein Riserva. I have to say I really didn't care for this at first- it seemed spiky and fruit-deprived, with a little rubbery edge on nose. I switched to leftover Savigny for dinner, but was happily suprised when I revisited the Lagrein after dinner. Good acids, but balanced by fresh black cherry fruit, the rubber comes across more as tar now, with plenty of underlying earth. I like this! C+ on opening, B+ later.

Wednesday went for one of my comfort foods, chicken and dumplings, the cream usually means Chardonnay for me, but this time I went with the bottle that was already upstairs, the 2010 Daulny "Clos de Chaudenay" Sancerre. Citrus, stones, a little edge of smoke. Good acids, my first wine from this producer, solid if not exciting. B

Thursday was a New England boiled dinner, I opened the 2010 Steinmetz Riesling. The Steinmetz (even without trocken on label) tends towards dry side,but this is really teethjarring acidity, comes across as harsh and austere.. Seemed to smooth on night two, but not buying more. C+/C

Replacement wine was the 2010 Loosen Dr. L Riesling. Sure, high 2010 acids again, but a good job of fruit and sugar balancing, simple but good value. B-

Friday some former villagers were back in town, we initially made the dinner invite for 5 couples, but another couple decided they were behind in the hospitality sweepstakes and we moved party site to their manse (yes, it's amanse). Betsy made a white bean spread for crudites with anchovy, main course was chicken Provencal, with Brussels sprouts, salad, homemade bread, cupcakes, babka, etc.

As I was original host I insisted on bringing several wines, though host had out a couple as well (I skipped some recent Marietta and Gott as I've tried):

NV Tissot "Indigene" Cremant de Jura
Full, nice mouthfeel, bright apple fruit with a little hint of nuttiness, great length, my WOTN. A-/B+

NV Castellroig Cava
This is fresh, light, and easy. Not complex, but a pretty cava that delivers solid value. B

2010 Sulauze "Pomponette" Rose (Coteaux d`Aix en Provence)
Strawberries, dried herbs, good acids, good match with the chicken, but already beginning to lose freshness, but I'd like to try 2011 when it comes out. B-

2009 Ch. d'Oupia Minervois
Dark fruits, a little animal sweat, spice, a tannic edge. I like. B

2010 Anselmi "San Vincenzo"
Ripe, more tropical than I remember from previous vintages, shows a little heat on finish, this might have just been too warm- had been out for a while. Judgement (such as it is) reserved

2006 LAN Rioja Crianza
Cherries with a little sour edge that reminds me of umeboshi, a little oak/vanillin note, good acids, I kinda like this. B/B-

Used for some cooking (bolognese), the 2010 Lismore Range Chardonnay. Better acids than I expect, but not a flavor profile I can really enjoy- really cheesy nose, with fat mango, guava, and pear juice on palate. C

Tonight we did sea scallops in a meyer lemon sauce, with arugula salad and pasta with a radish leaf pesto. Wine is the 2009 F.Cotat "La Grand Cote" Sancerre. Very ripe and rich, this is more like a Cuvee Speciale bottling, some discernible RS over a ripe fruit base. It's not the best match for the food, but an interesting and idiosyncratic wine. As it warms it comes acrossas a little hot, but cold it's fascinating. Very long, very deep, A- as wine, B- as Sancerre.

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.