We returned home from a trip to Florida last night and got takeout Thai
food for a quick 'n' easy meal. To go with it, I pulled out a bottle of
the latest (2nd release) version of a perennial favorite:

2009 Dom. de la Pepiere Muscadet de SeM sur lie ($13.49)*
nose: very aromatic, white stone fruits, minerals
palate: rich mouthfeel, lush, good acidity

This is from a recent purchase of the "official" 2nd release from Marc
Ollivier's Domaine de la Pepiere. As always, it's a great value in a
food-friendly, ready to drink dry white wine. I found this year's
edition richer yet less vibrant than others I've had. Fortunately, I
have several more bottles of this to further explore the question, not
to mention its more ageworthy cellarmate the '09 Clos des Briords.

Mark Lipton

* This bottling had a synthetic cork in it, so I won't be hanging on to
it for too very long. The next bottling of this wine is supposed to
have a real cork FWIW.
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