With tonight's dinner of Thai takeout (late work night for me) we opened
a bottle that had been languishing on the rack since we lugged it back
from a Michigan vacation last summer:

2008 Chateau Grand Traverse Semi-Dry Riesling
nose: intense stone fruit, hint of minerals
palate: initially, a bit soft (too warm) but turning more defined and
focused as it cooled

We have enjoyed the dry Rieslings from this producer in the Old Mission
Peninsula outside of Traverse City over the past few years, so I had
decided to give their semi-dry a shot. It was comparable in many ways
to many of the QbA Rieslings I've tried over the past few years from the
better producers (Leitz, Zilliken, Dönnhoff) if a bit less acidic. Very
tasty and a nice match for our roast duck in red curry.

Mark Lipton