Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Syrah 2006

Not available on Wine-searcher, but should be under $20.
Keeper, especially for Value
Ruby/burgundy color. Gleaming, with reflections on the purplish side.
Rather mature-looking. Nice legs.

Great, strong, oak and cinnamon aroma, with a hint of fruits like sour

Very smooth. Causes a puckering of the mouth, but bitterness is rather
tame, controlled, and soft. It has a smooth, fruity finish to it and is
rather long. It’s also subtly spicy. The taste of plums, peppers,
and leather is prominent.

9/10. Much better than the vast majority of Argentine Syrahs, and rather
cheap for the quality.


Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Torrontes 2008
$18 to $20 on Wine-searcher
Keeper, especially for Value
Crystal clear, with green tints. Transparent, greenish reflections are

Dried fruit aroma—peaches and cherries. Cinnamon and tropical
fruit also present. The aroma is quite lovely and surprisingly strong.

Rather dry, but great. The flavor reaches the back of the
mouth—somewhat round, especially for a white wine. A tad bitter
also, but in a smooth way. There’s a nice fruitiness that helps to
balance the dryness. It also has a refreshing acidity that kicks in as
you savor it in your mouth. Overall, it’s very refreshing and

9/10. One of the best Torrontes wines I’ve had, and a great way to
start off a meal, especially for the price.

The Food Buster