‘Picnic’ Notes

The word ‘picnic’ in quotes because we had the first rainy day in a
month and a half, just for our get together, so we set up inside and
chatted, sipped and noshed, breaking off during what we thought was a
gap in the rain to do battle on the bocce field, and then dash back
under cover to resume with the red wines. Great foods, several good
salads, an excellent meat dish from that old pork puller, Coop (have
to get the recipe for that sauce) and an outstanding cold leg of lamb
with an olive sauce from Mike.

2007 Vista d’Oro Pinot Noir – Coop insisted on serving this blind,
which I can’t complain about because I am always doing the same thing.
Light colour, candied thing happening in the nose and on palate,
though decent fruit. My guess was that this reminded me of the bad/
odd things that sometimes happen to BC pinots. Ding!

2006 Dom. Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg Cve. Catherine L’Inedit – from
the ridiculous to the sublime – I loved this wine. Pure Riesling in
the nose, with a good whack of botrytis, smooth and slightly viscous
on the tongue, with very good length. I kept coming back to this, Yum!

2005 Ch. St. Michelle Dr. Loosen Eroica Riesling – this also showed a
good Riesling nose, a balanced wine with everything there and in
order, but eclipsed a bit by the previous wine.

We then went into a BC Rose minitasting:

2008 Vieux Pin Sigma Petit Rose – made from Syrah, this had a decent
nose, slightly soft entry and was pleasant on palate.

2008 Vieux Pin Vaila – this is made from Pinot Nopir and I though the
nose superior to the previous wine, showing an amazing amount of
grapefruit, medium body, excellent balance, and crisp clean finish.
Probably the best BC Rose I’ve tasted.

2009 Tantalus Rose – I thought it would be interesting to see what a
Rose made by the best Riesling producer in BC might be like, so
grabbed a bottle of this when I could (only 110 cases made, from pinot
noir and pinot meunier). I have to say that the nose was pretty
bizarre, like sweat socks and leather (!), though there was lot so

1986 Renaudin l’Espiegle Brut Rose Champagne – I hadn’t heard of this
producer, but the wine was very good, with a yellowing pink colour –
sort of a copper colour, initial fizz but that settled to almost no
mousse in the glass, yet it was still nicely effervescent on the
tongue. Quite tasty and with lingering flavour.

At this point, a person who shall remain nameless had a small case of
corkiness (yes, it was the pork puller) and I dredged something up
from the cellar to replace it and made them taste it blind.

1999 Tardieu Laurent Costieres de Nimes - a blend of Syrah, Carignan,
and Grenache, this was fully mature and showed a very nice leathery
Rhone nose with a decided vanilla element (they used 100% new oak on
this), medium body and decent finish, a tad soft. Drink up.

2007 Brusset Les Hauts de Montmirail Gigondas – I was reminded that I
had tasted this vintage before when I commented that it might be a tad
young for prime time. Big friendly nose which included blackberry and
a hint of anise, fairly soft tannins and ripe flavours. I agree that
it drinks brilliantly now but still think it may be even better 5 or
more years from now.

2005 Cote Bonneville Carriage House Yakima Cabernet DuBrul Vd. – cab
sauc 73%, merlot 26% cab franc 1%. The nose started out well with dark
fruit and berries, and a smokiness, but when you hit palate, it seemed
to become more simple than I’d expected, and overly sweet. It worked
alright with the cheese, though.

Williams & Humbert 30 year ‘Jalifa’ Dry Amontillado Solera Especial –
wonderful butter and nut nose from an amber wine that was delightful.
Some nice caramel and pepper notes at the end. Why is it so hard to
find this sort of Sherry?

I’ll leave the job of recounting the soggy bocce games to someone