A World-conqueror Reciep---CocaCola

In2006,the secretory of CocoCola World General Headquarter ,Joy.Willims
stole a new sample from her company, who tried to sell the reciep to
Pepsi Corporation. However, she was refused as Pepsi doubted whether
itís real or just a snare. Finally, she was investigated by the FBI
stuff. What was worse, she was going to face a 10-year jail sentence.
This case put a mesterious veil on the CocoCola formula myth which has
already spreaded for a long time.

Since it was invented in Atlanta USA in 1886, the CocaCola formula has
been kept as a secret reciep for about 120 years. In order to keep its
reciep a secret one, the renowned founder Robert Woodruff took reciep
protection as his first mission when he became a leader of the company.
At that time, CocoCola permit to broadcast the whole process to the
public that the manual written by John Panburton, the inventer of
CocoCola, was put into the bankís vault. And they declared that if
anyone who wanted to inquire this reciep must ask for an application
first, then after the approval of the board of a trust company, she/he
could open it within appointed time with officials on the spot. Till
now, there is only 10 people who know the secret fomula.

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