did you write this in swedish and compile thru babelfish or was there
that much sulfite in the Givry?

Or were you still reeling from the 13 Champagnes we had last sunday (OK,
we checked your blood alcohol level, it WAS 0.0g/l, while we were all at



Nils Gustaf Lindgren wrote:
> Unfortunately it will take time. The use of various chemicals and
> introduction of high-yield clones will have to be neutralised, to regain
> (wait for it) ... (dramatic drum roll here, thank you) ... TERROIR. It is a
> bit like turning a vicious circle, since what we are talking about will cost
> money, investments in a part of Bourgogne from which is only expected
> (comparatively) cheap plonk ...
> Let us hope, shall we?
> Cheers
> Nils
> PS (IANAL but ...) the use of the term 'terroir' in this context is by no
> means meant to imply that only good clones and a diminishment of fertiliser
> and pesticides is needed to achieve this laudable goal. Nor does it imply
> any derogation of wine makers and their influence on the product.

Mike Tommasi - Six Fours, France
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