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> I met a friend today for lunch (my birthday) and he brought a bottle
> of 1985 Lindemans Pyrus Coonwarra Red wine. It a Bordeaux blend of
> Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc and Malbec. �We had grilledlamb
> chops at my favorite bistro and the wine was a good match. �The cork
> was a bit fragile but we coaxed it out with care. �The wine was brick/
> brown and there was a ton of shumutz coating the inside of the
> bottle. �I didn't hold out much hope for the wine but an intial sniff
> showed sweet cassis and cedar. �The wine was stunning. �Not quite
> Bordeaux like, it was lacking in the cigar box, leather notes but
> there was a nutty, sweet quality that was very complex. Plenty of red
> currant and berry flavors and a hint of mint. The tannins were totally
> resolved and there was a streak of high toned acidity to balance out
> the fruit. �It was a surprise and I'm pleased that I got to shareit
> with a good friend.

Sounds great.
Happy Birthday!
I've tended to mostly associate Lindemans with the low end wines I
mostly see. But the '92 St George was quite nice 3 or 4 years ago.
Thanks for notes on the Pyrus.