Well, we ate our way through Napa Valley and Berkely.

Lets see:

Night One: Dinner at Bistro Jeanty first night...(we ate light as we
had French Laundry for lunch next day)...
-Glass of Schramsberg, Blanc de Blancs, Napa Valley 2005 with Salad
Course of Butter Lettuce and mustard vinagarette.

-1/2 Bottle of Robert Biale Vineyards, “Napa Ranches”, Zinfandel, Napa
Valley 2006 with Roasted Bone Marrow/bordelaise sauce. TO DIE

Then we split a main course, VOL-AU-VENT, Veal sweetbreads and braised
rabbit with a sweet garlic cream

Day two: French Laundry... AMAZING MEAL...arrived at 11am for lunch,
departed about 4pm. Artful meal, the 1/2 bottle menu greatly
expanded. I will post separately at a later time.

Day three: We did some wineries...Silver Oak, dissapointing
wines...sad, they were once a great stop. Chateau Boswell...AMAZING

Day Three ate at Gotts, former Taylors refresher, ahi tuna
sandwich...yum! Onion rings, yum. Light dinner at Bouchon, Oysters,
Onion soup, and salad. Paired with wines.

Day 4, back to French Laundry for dinner at 5:30PM. Sad to say our
dinner was cut short. Wife not feeling well. At first I though it
was to much wine that day at some amazing places...now I realize its
flu like symptoms, likely virus...But, we did have a few great courses
before leaving early..and they gave some desserts to go that were

Wineries that day: Cliff Lede tour, Kapcsandy Vineyards...only to
visit...and maybe to much before dinner.

Day 5, we were casual all day, visited a few interesting wineries.
School House Vineyard on Spring Mountain. I have bought their Pinot
Noir for years but had not yet visited winery. Then Fantesca (founder
of Best Buy), Revana Family Vineyards...limited tastings to protect my
wife as she was NOT 100%.

Day 6, off to Berkeley where we dined at Chez Panisse Restaurant
downstairs...ALWAYS A PERSONAL FAVORITE! I could eat there EVERY DAY
for the rest of my life and not feel cheated. Great food, reasonably
priced, great wine pairings....perfect place for me. Had a Jura Red
wine for first time. Paired with Quail...very nice!

Day 7, Slanted door for early lunch, and back to Chez Panisse for
dinner at 9:15pm....

Day 8, fligh out early...Sweet / Sour Cabbage soup at Max's at gate 22
or so at SFO...GREAT soup!!! No wine :-(