Notes from a wine lunch:

1991 Mas Daumas Gassac dark wine with browning edges, and a raisiny
ripe nose. Still shows some tannin and lots of acidity, and decent
length. Now heading into decline, IMHO.

1978 Ch. Figeac I initially discounted the possibility that this
might be a 78 as it was too good! I figured possibly an 82. Classic
cedar claret nose, with some plumy sweet fruit, a middle weight supple
wine with some green hints and medium length. This has no business
being that good Id had bottles 10 years ago that werent anywhere
near as nice. In decline, but going gracefully.

1994 Caymus Cabernet (regular bottling) ripe sweet fruit with some
coconut in this nose, smooth entry, medium weight, some decent
midpalate fruit and a nice long sweet finish. Pleasant but not

1994 Ch. Branaire I tasted this on release and promptly consigned it
to storage for another period of years due to the tannins, but it has
now softened and has a mellow fruit nose tasty with good acid and
still significant tannins. It si now in balance and should be drunk.

2001 Ch. Clarke a pleasant Listrac of no particular virtue that
doesnt get in the way of the conversation and should be drunk up.

2006 Jamet Cote Rotie the edges were starting to fade a little, and
the warm nose of black pepper lacked much floral content, but it was
intense on palate, and tasty, and had a long warm finish. Good
showing and it will continue to drink well for some years.

1994 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet I had this a couple of days
later, but Im posting it here as not out of place with mature
company. Id come across a half case in the cellar and decided Id
better start in on it. It is still rather dark, with a slightly smoky
fruit nose, and now soft in the mouth with sweet fruit, the tannins
resolved. Pleasant wine for drinking now.