2001 Concha Y Toro Terrunyo Chardonnay (Casablanca) – this label, made
by Concha Y Toro, represents the cold climate reserve level for their
chards. Clean lemony nose, fair bit of acidity, good persistence in
the finish, a bit of tropical fruit that had us guessing maybe a
Viognier before it warmed up.

1983 Lynch Bages – still dark with a lightening rim, a classic claret
nose, but with hints of green and a slight warmth, and still
sufficient fruit although almost no tannins remain. Drink now.
Decent showing.

1986 Kirwan – fairly dark, decent nose that shows coffee with time in
the glass, tons of acidity and still assertive tannin, with possibly
insufficient fruit to support it over the long haul.

1998 Vieux Telegraphe – dark with browning edges, a sweet cabernetish
nose at first but segueing into Grenache after some time, sweet entry,
still lots of tannin, seems to slim down and drop some fruit with time
in the glass, which makes me worry a bit. While it seemed OK at the
time, upon reading my notes I begin to wonder if this wine isn’t
atypical and possibly mildly heat damaged…..

1996 Dominus – hot dark and a bit sweet but more a Bordeaux style of
nose, warm and lots of fruit, concentration and punch, this needs time
to mellow the tannins. I love Dominus as a Bordeaux ringer, but I’m
not sure the structure of this one will ever fool people.

1997 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard – dark sweet and minty nose made me ask
whether it was an Australian wine, and when told it wasn’t, I said
then it must be Heitz Martha’s! Though it has some tannins left, I
wouldn’t be surprised if this wine wasn’t on plateau as far as
development goes, coasting (probably for a long time) but with no
further improvement in sight. Tasty cab!

2007 Tokay Kereskedohaz – a late harvest wine made from Muscat, this
was amber coloured with a lemony floor wax nose, tons of acidity and a
smooth, fairly dry finish. It didn’t scream Muscat, but it was