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I have been using this new Kenwood Nav system for months now and it works great everywhere I go.
I have the Kenwood KNA-G510 Nav. hooked up to the New 2009 Kenwood KVT-514 DVD receiver. The Nav. is surpurbe, like a Garmin should be. There are other receivers out there that offer navigation, but you can't beat Kenwood and Garmin's track record. I doint have the Bluetooth conected yet, but I understand when you are looking up a place of business(Restaurant) You can press on the phone number and it will dial the phone number of the place (very cool). I think this is a GREAT product and will add one to my other car as well.1 word of CAUTION...KENWOOD ONLY HONORS THERE WARRANTY IF YOU BUY FROM THEIR AUTHORIZED DEALERS..(Crutchfield).
My problem is not with this problem is with "Crutchfield"! The average price for this item is $350. Crutchfield is asking $799!! Over twice as much!!! Crutchfield doesn't want to sell this as an indivdual unit. Crutchfield wants to bundle it with outdated head units. The problem is...Crutchfield is keeping the price high for everyone else. BACKOFF CRUTCHFIELD!!! Lower your price or stop selling this unit!!!!!
This product is everything that it was advertised to be. My wife loves the product and finds it much easier to use than previous Kenwood versions. I am a Garmin fan and love the ability to upgrade the maps with software upgrades as opposed to the DVD versions. I would highly recommend this product.
I got this for my 07 Sport Trac. As soon as I got the car I dumped the standard stereo for a Kenwood 6019 but didn't get the Nav part until recently. Now I have it I can't believe I waited so long, I bet we save the price of the Nav in Fuel because now my girlfriend isn't getting lost any more!!!!!
The navigation system comes with built-in map data and nearly 6 million POIs. Touch screen control enabled with Kenwood compatible monitors.


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