Notes from a blind tasting of Italian wines. Oddly, no one brought
either Chianti or Barolo/Barbaresco!

2004 Fiano di Avellino dei Feudi San Gregorio – not giving much on the
nose except a hint of apple at first, but some floral elements came
out as it warmed a bit. Seemed soft at first but after a bit I seemed
to show it’s acidity more. Pleasant wine.

1999 Tenuta Roccaccia Fontenova – a selection of Sangiovese and
Ciliegiolo (the latter always defies my attempts to pronounce it
smoothly – must be some sort of Italian tongue twister). Medium
colour, some chocolate in the nose, nice smooth entry and then the
wine tightens up fairly quickly ending a bit short with lots of
acidity and a little too sparse fruit at the end.

2000 Fontodi Flaccianello – corked. Should have been very good.

1998 Clerico Arte – a blend of Nebbiolo with small additions of
Barbera and cab sauv. Fairly dark with nice plummy fruit in the nose
that changed to black cherries with time, lots of fruit in midpalate
and a sort of chalky mouth feel. Good acidity, medium long to long
finish and excellent balance. Very nice.

2001 Tignanello – corked

1997 Nottola Vino Nobile Vigne del Fattore – this nose was so close to
a Bordeaux it could pass in a blind claret tasting. Still plenty of
tannin, good structure with a bit of ‘lift’ at the end, although not
noticeably high acidity. Very nice.

1996 Umani Ronchi Pelago – another IGT from Marche made with
cabernet, merlot and montepulciano. Good obviously Italian nose,
smooth wine wit mocha in the finish. Very nice. I don’t see much about
this wine, but I have 4 vintages and should do a vertical!

1997 Frescobaldi Lamaione – this Tuscan merlot (sold under the
Castelgiocondo label) was dark with a nose of cocoa and ripe fruit.
Bit tight in the mouth with lots of stuffing. Could probably use more

2004 Avignonesi Desiderio – though labelled as a merlot, I understand
that they normally add 10-15% cabernet to this Tuscan wine. Nose a
duplicate of the previous wine – all cocoa and ripe fruit, showing
more typically merlot than the Lamaione had. International style wine
with a smooth long finish..

1999 Castelgiocondo Brunello - mature with good acidity, well
structured, a tad on the lean side, but then we’d been having all the
non-traditional fruit forward wines. A very nice traditional wine.

1997 Doisy Daene – a non-Italian end wine, this Barsac was
surprisingly god. It had a nice light amber colour, very decent nose
with medium levels of botrytis, medium length and not overly sweet.
Nice way to finishup.