Well, starting the Monday after Thanksigiving I decided it was time to
lose about 25#. So far down 4#. The key was reducing carbohydrates,
primarily starches, breads and rice/beans etc.

We have a great grocery store, an independant called Reids in downtown
Charlotte where I buy USDA Prime Grade Bone in Ribeyes. I buy the
entire loin and then they dry age for me 30 days.

So, we just picked up the loin, I had the steak cut to 3 inches
thick. Used Montreal Steak seasoning from Mccormick and grilled. My
grill gets up to about 800 degrees. If I want it hotter I can use my
infared burners.

The steak was Pittsburgh meaning I charred the exteriour and then
reduced heat just a little and let the grill cook so the inside was
about 110 Degrees F, Med Rare. Served with Bearnaise sauce.

Opened the Blank Vineyard to try. The fruit was intense, pure, with
layer upon layer of more fruit, but with each layer subtle integrated
tannins. We drank 1/2 the bottle which was decanted for 3 hours
while my team, UF Gators was losing to Alabama. Sad game for UF. The
wine did not dissapoint.

Then gassed the remaining wine and had again tonight. I think its the
BEST Napa wine I have ever had. No idea how well it will age or if
its likely to get better cause it was a perfect wine in its youth.
However, tonight, the remaining wine, was better. Fruit settled down,
acids mellowed, tannins we slightly more noticible. But AMAZING!

My team lost but my Steak and Wine was a winner!