Lunch notes:

2002 Javillier Meursault Let Tillets Cuvee Speciale – medium yellow
colour, good fruit in the nose with clean chardonnay character, citrus
and floral nose, good length, crisp finish.

2002 Copain Pinoit Noir Cerise Vd. (Anderson V.) – medium colour
density, an immediately identifiable pinot nose, more French than new
world, ample fruit and medium long finish. Very nice.

2000 Giorgio Primo Chianti Classico (La Massa) – earthy fruit nose OK
concentration, very dry finish.

1981 Ch. Montrose – corked! Biggest disappointment for me as I love
the house and appreciate the vintage while many seem to have forgotten
it. Don’t know if it would have held up after all this time, but
we’ll never know from this bottle. A shame.

1995 Ch. Kirwan – this Margaux was fairly dark, with a pleasant
nuttiness to the nose that turned out to be it’s best feature, as the
fruit was only adequate and it tapered off into a dry somewhat tannic
finish. Off bottle? I am upgrading timing on my holdings of this for
investigation soon to find out, as I had hopes for it.

1999 Clos des Papes CNduP – medium colour depth, a cherry and mocha
nose, pleasant, and now a soft, friendly tasty wine that doesn’t need
any further cellaring.

2004 Eddie Feraud CNduP – darker wine with the nose a bit tight,
drinking well now, mouth in the mouth and well balanced.

1999 Ridge York Creek Petit Sirah – warmer wine, dark and with a nose
of berry fruit, soft tannins in the mouth and a long soft sweet
finish. Should have been served after the next wine.

1991 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle – last time I opened one of these,
it was classic Asian spice, pepper and blackberry. This time the
dominant impression was of vanilla. The spice was still there, but it
seemed almost new world given the vanilla in the forefront. Medium
colour, lots of acidity, and some smokiness, tasty and good length.

2001 Chadwick – this Errazuriz wine was lovely, with a slightly ripe
slightly rubbery nose with some briar, a slightly off dry impression
on mid palate, but finishing dead dry. Very good.

2008 Poplar Grove Syrah – no one saw this as a BC wine. Quite dark
with a blue fruit nose, soft and very slightly off dry in the mouth
pleasant and fairly extracted.

We finished with a blind Pineau des Charentes that I didn’t catch the
name of and I had to go back to the office while everyone else went to
find a couch somewhere to nap until dinner. Life is so unfair