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Thread: Do the adverse effects of fructose have anything to do with wine?

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    C. Ikehara Guest

    Default Do the adverse effects of fructose have anything to do with wine?

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    Default Re: Do the adverse effects of fructose have anything to do with wine?

    On Jan 3, 12:21*am, "C. Ikehara" <> wrote:

    The study quoted had so few individuals tested that it is only
    slightly suggestive that properly designed, double blind tests, using
    perhaps hundreds to thousands of individuals, made at several places
    and evaluated with carefully designed statistics, would give
    meaningful results. If the effect is true and significant, the main
    result would seem to be that one ingesting high fructose foods might
    tend to gain too much weight. It has long been assumed that heavy
    weight shortens lifespan. However a recent massive, proper,
    statistical study on the effect of heavy weight on life span, using
    data from many sources, shows that longer lifespan is associated more
    with those slightly "over weight" to "obese" than those of "normal" to
    "below-normal" weight. So I would not yet try to avoid fructose unless
    I had heavy weight and it was causing other problems. Even in that
    case, eating less in general and avoiding too much total sugars and
    starch likely would be more effective than avoiding much fructose.

    Ripe grapes contain several kinds of sugars including fructose. For
    most dry white and red table wines, these sugars are broken down by
    fermentation to carbon dioxide, alcohol, and smaller amounts of many
    other compounds. Sweet wines have only some of the sugars fermented,
    so some sugar remains in the wine. However you should remember that
    many fruits have large amounts of sugars, including fructose. The
    typical American, especially the young, ingests a huge amount of
    sugars and often much of this comes from soft drinks that often are
    sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup because it is cheap.

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