As promised, here's the link to the in-flight magazine of Bulgaria
Air, where the article about Bulgarian wine and its industry can be
found starting page 7 (7 is the sequential pdf page, the actual number
on the bottom of the page is 48, because they did not include the
advertisements in the online version).
click on the magazine cover itself on

Some notes about the article:

- it's alternating in Bulgarian and English; the English text is either
on the entire following page, or on the bottom half of the same page if
they share it.

- it is written from a Bulgarian point of view, and therefore debunks
some 'myths' about the place of Bulgarian wine in the world, that will
probably seem amusing to a world audience

- the name of the article, in Bulgarian, is "Bulgarian wine: rising
after the fall"; I don't think the English title they chose is better.

- on sequential page 10 (bottom of page number 51, the sentence "The
huge part of this export was a cheap and unpretentious product for the
vast global market." should read "vast soviet market".

Finally, the subsequent article in the magazine is tangentially
wine-related. It is about Melnik - the smallest town in Bulgaria, and
home to the eponymous indigenous vine varietal and wine.

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