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Table of Contents:
1. I have just found a bottle of wine in my parents' cupboard and...
1a. I want to know how much it's worth
1b. I want to know whether it's OK to drink
1c. Will it taste good?
2. I just had an incredible bottle of wine. Where I find some of it to buy?
3. What wineries should I visit (where should I stay? eat?) in...
3a. Napa?
3b. Sonoma?
3c. Mendocino?
3d. Paso Robles?
3e. Amador/El Dorado Counties?
3f. Santa Barbara County?
3g. Oregon?
3h. Washington?
3i. NY Finger Lakes?
3j. Burgundy? [not yet ready]
3k. The Rhone Valley?
3l. The Languedoc? [not yet ready]
3m. Bordeaux? [not yet ready]
3n. Alsace? [not yet ready]
3o. Germany? [not yet ready]
3p. Austria? [not yet ready]
3q. Piemonte? [not yet ready]
3r. Tuscany? [not yet ready]
3s. Australia?
3t. New Zealand?
4. What is the best way to preserve an opened bottle of wine? How long
will it last?
5. What wine should I serve with this food?
6. Does it matter what kind of glass I drink the wine out of?
6a. Are those fancy Riedel glasses worth all that money?
7. What causes red wine headaches? How can I prevent them?
8. What do those abbreviations mean?
9. Do those magnetic thingies really age your wine instantly?
10. I want to buy a bottle of wine to commemorate the birth of a child,
to be opened 18 (21) years from now. What should I get?