I didn't have to cook tonight. Angela and I went to PCC Natural Market in
Edmonds. Although my parents live in Edmonds, this store is at the other
end of the city from their house. So when we go there, we pretty much have
to make a special trip to do so.

Angela needed some more wheat free granola bars and this is the only store I
know of that sells the kind she likes. So we mainly went there for that,
but I bought most of my other groceries there as well. Because they tend to
sell mostly organic things, I can't get some of the more common things
there. But we did get dinner!

The good thing about this store is that all of their prepared foods have the
ingredients listed. They had a sign apologizing for the fact that their
Tamari which is normally wheat free is not at the moment. So that was good
to know.

We got vegan coleslaw, vegan potato salad, red, white and black baked beans,
black bean and corn salad, falafel, hummus, grilled chicken breast, olives,
a huge slice of pizza for my husband and a lot of raw veggies. I mostly ate
the raw veggies but had a little hummus, olives, bean and corn salad and
some falafel. It was all very good.

Angela also got several types of gluten free baked goods and some rice
crackers. She also got a free banana. Kids get their choice of one serving
of fruit or veg for free. They can even choose something large like a
pineapple. In that case they just ask the ever present produce person and
he or she will cut a piece right on the spot.