I decided that's what I'm going to make tomorrow. Will probably have to
make something additional for my husband because he likely won't consider
that to be a meal. I do have some tamales in the freezer that I can heat

Our plans were foiled for lunch today when my dad decided to get sick. We
normally eat at a Mexican place where I can get small portions. I'm not
saying all of their food is in small portions but they do give you that
option. Instead of going there, we ate at a Mexican place that is closer to
home. We normally have dinner there and ask for a box or two because the
portions are so large. Turns out their lunch portions are just as large but
a bit cheaper. There was no way Angela or I could finish what we did have.
Sometimes we will split a meal but that is difficult to do since she only
likes chicken and I only like beef.

We didn't take the leftovers with us because we had to go do some shopping
and I didn't think we would be able to get the food home in a timely
fashion. So our dining companion who shall remain nameless ate the rest of
the food. Eek! Made our stomachs hurt just to watch it.