I wrote to Panera bread to find out what is in their breads. Angela and I
ate there the other day and I got very sick after I ate. Sick to my
stomach. I had a little hunk of bread with my soup and it appeared to be
French. I didn't think French bread normally had milk in it so I thought it
was fine. Then after I got sick I assumed it had milk. Nope. Rye! Didn't
look like rye but it was in there.

There was rye in the bread that Angela ate too which could have explained
her sinus and throat symptoms the following day. *sigh*

Apparently I was stupid when I went to their website. I saw the nutritional
information but I didn't see the highlighted part about ingredients.
They're all there.

The soup was fine. The bread was not. They do have some bread I can eat
though. But it isn't exactly whole grain.