Angela found a packet of taco seasoning for chicken. I am pretty sure I
have tried it before and she wasn't thrilled but she doesn't remember. I
prefer not to buy packets of things because my spice cabinet is pretty well
stocked and I can usually come up with something from what I already have.
I do buy some mixes but I buy them in large quantities.

I made the chicken and put it into enchiladas. Yes there were carbs in the
tortillas but they were small. She had them with a large salad. I had bean
enchiladas. We both found the enchilada sauce to be too spicy. She said
the chicken was just okay.

She started taking 3 Metformin today. She did have a bit of D but we are
not sure if it is from that or not since she is prone to it anyway. If it
continues tomorrow we will back off.