My day so far 1/23/09

Woke up 2 PM. FBG 94. Sat down to dinner at 6:30 PM. BG 84. Dinner was 2
cups (that's 2 servings) of Progresso New England Clam Chowder.
Ingredients: clam broth, potatoes, clams, etc, with lobster, shrimp, crab,
tuna, cod, whiting, haddock, pollock, halibut and redfish ingredients. 20
gms fat (5 sat, 9 polyun, 4 monoun), 1.8 gms salt, 36 net grams carbs, 10
grams protein. I added six strips of crisp bacon, FGBP, Amazon Habanero hot
sauce and grated Grana Padano cheese. Rich, warming, filling, delicious!
50 min PP 114. Fell asleep. 2-1/2 hr PP 115. I must've slept through the
peak. ;-(

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You are not forgotten. Thanks ! ! ~Semper Fi~