I have a loose recipe for these that I got from someone here. I think it
was Colleen. I love them! But nobody else in the family does. So I am not
going to make a big pot of those for the 4th of July. But I know Angela
will want some baked beans. And she can't have the kind she likes which are
the canned ones. I was looking online and I see that B & M used to make a
sugar free bean but they no longer do.

I have never tried the brown sugar Splenda. Do you think this would work in
these? I don't want the BBQ kind. I hate BBQ. Angela's not overly fond of
it either but she will eat it. I won't.

I wish I could just buy a jar or a can of these because it's just for the
two of us.

The recipe that she doesn't like involves a ton of chopped onions (I use
white) that have been caramelized, a lot of bacon cooked crisply and
crumbled, cooked navy beans, lots of black pepper, ketchup and a little
molasses. Also Splenda. I don't know why but she just doesn't like them at
all. But she likes any and all canned baked beans she has tried.

I don't personally like the canned ones all that well because they are
usually too sweet and soupy for me. I prefer them to be cooked down. But
maybe that's why she doesn't like mine? I cook them overnight and then
until dinner time in the crockpot.

Anyway... Does anyone have a recipe for sugar free ones? Or maybe I'll
just have to serve plain beans this year.