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Thread: Sugar is in everything! Aargh!

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    Julie Bove Guest

    Default Sugar is in everything! Aargh!

    I have just finished the first South Beach diet book and am not looking
    forward to this diet even though I am not the one eating it. She can not
    have any sugar. Not even a speck of it. And sugar is in most of the lunch
    meats and cooked meats you can buy. I guess I already knew this and forgot
    about it. I do remember reading packages before although I can't really
    remember now why I was doing this. Maybe when my husband said he was going
    to go on Atkins and didn't? Not sure.

    So now I have a huge stuffed bag of refrigerated stuff to send over to my
    nephew and his GF. Stuff she can't and I won't or can't eat. Also a case
    of apples from Costco. No fruit is allowed for the first two weeks and I
    can't eat a whole case of apples in a week.

    Also two bags of shelf stable stuff for him. Luckily most of the pasta I
    bought is whole wheat and that is what she can eat in week three. She did
    pick up two bags of regular pasta at Whole Foods because it was cheap. I
    didn't stop her because she was so happy to have found a bargain. I also
    took pity on him and bought a couple of cans of pasta sauce to go with the
    pasta and a jar of pizza sauce to go with the pizza dough that I bought.
    And there is a roll of French bread dough so he can make sandwiches for the
    turkey I am sending over. I also threw in a couple of bags of cheese that I
    already had. Now that I can't eat cheese, the cheese consumption in this
    house is waaaay down and much of what we have will expire before Angela can
    eat it. My husband will be home on the 20th but he will only be here for 9
    days and we will be very busy during that time period so not sure how many
    dairy meals I will be able to make. Mostly I will be trying to feed him
    stuff that we have in the freezer that the two of us can no longer eat.

    We took a bag full of beef jerky to the food bank today. It had sugar in
    it. Luckily the individually wrapped ones that she took in her lunch today
    do not contain sugar. And on snap, I forgot to buy more today. They are
    expensive though. About $10 for three servings.

    I have three more really stuffed bags to take to the food bank. Mostly rice
    products. There is some really good Risotto but it doesn't have brown rice
    and it does have basil so that is out. Also some soup and a couple of
    single serve meals. And another nasty can of those chili beans that not
    only spiked me but didn't taste good to me. I'm sure there is nothing wrong
    with them. They just don't taste the way chili beans tasted in my memory.

    I think the idea of this diet is to cook your meat from scratch but... I
    just don't see how I could do some things. For instance, only certain parts
    of the chicken are allowed, even on the weeks beyond week two. No legs or
    wings are allowed. And all of the recipes call for boneless, skinless
    chicken breasts. We can get those pre-cooked with no sugar although some
    brands do contain sugar. I tried to cook a turkey breast once. It just
    wasn't good. And again with turkey you can not eat all parts. Just the
    white meat. Albertsons sells a cooked turkey breast. I thought it tasted
    funny but Angela liked it. Not sure if it had sugar in it. I can easily do
    a roast beef but... She is not overly fond of roast beef and I am not
    entirely sure that is even allowed on this diet. Mostly they are pushing
    chicken and fish. But she has refused to eat any fish besides tuna.

    I just hope the weight comes off quickly. Otherwise this is going to be a
    loooong haul!

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    Malcom \Mal\ Reynolds Guest

    Default Re: Sugar is in everything! Aargh!

    In article <jm5hr0$mm9$[email protected]>, "Julie Bove" <[email protected]>

    > I just hope the weight comes off quickly. Otherwise this is going to be a
    > loooong haul!

    with your inability/unwillingness to cook from scratch, this is a given

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