There are unhealthy diets, I know that, diets which _drastically_
lack either proteins, or carbs or oils like cabbage soup diet, and
similar. But, besides that, consider widely accepted diets written
by doctors Ornish, Sears, Bernstein, and many other doctors around
world who wrote diets for diabetics and heart patients.

In reviews on on various well known diets often I read critics that
one or the other particular diet is bad, because as soon as you quit
the diet, you gain the same weight you had before dieting.

When I read such critics I feel an urge to contact the author of the
article and ask to name one diet which will keep you fit after you
quit dieting and resume eating habits which led you to obesity in a
first place. Name such a diet.

Comparing recipes from various cookbooks for diabetics and cardiac
patients, all of them by ingredients, way or preparing meals and
proportion of ingredients in meals, have a place in at least one of
the four popular diets: Bernstein's diabetics, Sears Zone' Ornish's
cardiacs, and Montignac's low GI, many of the recipes almost identical.

Yet cardiac patients and diabetics who strictly follow their diets
happily live years and years after they begin their dieting, and
suffer no lack of carbs, they study and have good grades, they work
and lead their crews w/o problems, are involved in sports, etc.
Or grain and rice free diets for celiac, chron disease sufferers who
must not swallow a tiny spec of grains, grains products or starchy
vegetables. Yet they feel no tiredness, no lack of carbs, successful
people too in every field. How ?

We all know and see people around us who do not consider themselves
as followers or any particular diet, who are fit, will not refuse a
muffin or a cake from time to time, have no time or are lazy to
exercise, and are slim anyway.
Instead of criticizing diets, how about criticizing current bad
eating habits which led to obesity ?

More I see such and similar critics about a "diet which is bad
because later you regain old weight", or "there is no carbs enough
you'll get tired and suffer..." or "there is no grains enough, you
have to eat grains", more I am convinced it is all written to serve
as a weapon in a diet war; one author or his publisher against other
author. Who's going to screw the rival diet and sell more books.