We are freezing here! Power went out for just over 2 hours. Amazing how
quickly the house gets cold when you're snowed in. No school yet this week.
No school tomorrow. I'll be willing to bet there won't be any all week.
Pet store is closed. Everett Mall shut down at 4:00. Some hospitals are
closed except for emergencies. My friend just had a baby. They had
difficulty getting to the hospital. Bad stuff here!

Angela wanted some sausage crumbles. It is cooked breakfast sausage that
isn't overly fatty because it is already drained. I cooked a bag of O'Brien
potatoes (tiny potato dice with red and green peppers) along with a small
chopped onion and then added the sausage. No doubt she will eat it with
ketchup. You could add a lot more veggies or leave out the potato and it
would still be good.

No telling when we'll be able to get out. This is supposed to turn over to
rain tomorrow but it will only make the roads worse as it freezes overnight
and there is the threat of flooding. So we are being warned not to go out

I did remember that I have two spare Amaryl in my purse. So maybe I can
make it till Saturday morning to get the refill.

Not sure what we'll have for dinner tomorrow. I bought Angela some chicken
sausage but I don't want to make sausage two days in a row. Maybe I'll make
tuna melts again. Angela just loved them. She also found a recipe in her
Boys and Girls Cookbook for tuna patties. No egg or fillers in those. She
wants to try them too.