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I'm in weight loss mode (when my hormones allow me) and keeping calories
under 1000 per day and net carbs under 40, sometimes under 30. I made
this without the usual strawberries in the fruit and without the usual
butter in the topping to save calories and keep it mostly fiber.

Cut up as much rhubarb as you care to, large dice
Place in a baking dish to a depth of about two inches

Add a few drops liquid sucralose, some erythritol, some xanthan gum,
ground cinnamon to taste, and mix well

Mix about a 1/4 C of LC bake mix, a cup of chopped pecans, some brown
sugar substitute (the best one is from Diabetisweet) and put on top of
rhubarb, moisten with Pam cooking spray. (if you're not cutting
calories to the bone, use almond flour, low carb cereal, butter, any
chopped nuts you like best, bake mix, etc. I never measure, only taste)

Bake at 375 til bubbly and rhubarb is soft and creamy textured.

Color wasn't the loveliest, but mine came out really delicious. I
topped it with canned low fat whipped cream for an extra 15 calories and
almost no carbs.