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More like a combination of recipes.

I used Emeril's beef stock recipe, halved, with tweaks.


I halved it, as I said, used a bit less tomato paste because that's what
I had, and used a red Rhone wine because that's what was open.

I also tied sprigs of fresh thyme and parsley to throw in instead of
dried thyme... I only use fresh herbs, as a rule.

I defatted it, chilled overnight, reduced it a bit at a slow simmer,
uncovered, defatted some more and stored.

The next night, I sliced up two large sweet onions and 4 or 5 large
Spanish onions (carby, I know!) and put them, with some EVOO and
unsalted butter into a very large Dutch oven for about 4 hours in a 350F
oven, stirring every 30 minutes, until well carmelized. So much easier
than stove top, and they really need to take their time to get a
beautiful color.

Today, I added a little port to the stock, and a bunch of salt that it
really needed after the addition of the onions. Fresh black pepper,
too. Alternatively, I could have added some balsamic vinegar, a la
Anthony Bourdain, I think.

Heated the soup, ladled into a small crock, put a toasted half of a
Joseph's sandwich round on top, and covered with Comte gruyere.

Broiled til bubbly and golden on top.

Made Tom very happy after an annoying day of business on the phone.

It's his favorite.

Roasting the bones for stock is wonderful, and I made the final soup in
the darkly carmelized Dutch oven so I could scrape down all the browned
stuff into the stock. It's so dark brown, has a tang of acidity and a
lot of sweetness.