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>See my low carb pizza recipe. I eliminated the Spelt flour.

Spelt is high GI. It is useful for bread making. Spelt and rye work
well together to make gluten. People think of gluten as being present
in wheat flour. Well that is sort of true. What happens is two
precursors for gluten combine when cooking takes place. With spelt and
rye they each provide generous amounts of a precursor that come
together in the baking process.

> I don't think
>it works well for me...too many carbs. I also cut back on the buckwheat but
>kept the Vital Wheat Gluten and added more soy and flax.

In practice most recipes use added gluten. Adding soy helps. So does
broad bean flour. It is supposed to part of the secret of French

> The bg effect is
>great and the weight gain problem seems controlled. The texture of the
>flatbread is a bit more cracker-like, not so soft and chewy as the former
>recipe, but it's a worthy compromise in my judgment.

I must catch up with your recipe. Not for myself but for a friend who
has built a giant pizza oven.
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>>>Thank you for your excellent nutrition information, Quentin.
>>>I recently added soy and buckwheat to the flour combination, but I'm sorry
>>>to report that eating one to two flatbreads per day has resulted in a
>>>weight gain and has kicked up my carb appetite, or so it appears.

>> G'day G'day Uncle Enrico,
>> That's sad to hear. My own experience with flat breads was that
>> they were too concentrated a form of carbs for me. As they say, YMMV.
>>>I've had to cut out the flatbreads entirely. It's back to veggies, nuts
>>>lean protein for awhile. Perhaps a flatbread once or twice a week won't
>>>me into trouble.

>> I think that is a sensible strategy. IMHO it is best to set aside a
>> specific time to have a treat. It makes it easier to manage and one
>> doesn't feel deprived. After all one has one's favourite flat breads
>> every ...
>>>My best wishes on your full recovery.

>> Thanks. I expect to hear the results from the biopsy tomorrow. It has
>> been about twelve days with promises since last Thursday that today
>> would be the day.
>> Best wishes,
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