You'll generally find this style at higher-end restaurants; it's a signature of
such famed chefs as Ferran AdriÓ and Grant Achatz. Now, a $59 cooking kit called
Cuisine R-Evolution allows the home chef to dabble in these techniques for the
next dinner party. Look for it online at

Salad: Arugula 'spaghetti'

Key ingredients: Arugula, water.

Molecular touch: Gelification with agar.

Process: Blend arugula with water. Add to pot with a packet of agar and bring to
a boil. Siphon the bright green mixture with a syringe and plunge into a curly
tube. Detach tube from syringe and let the tube rest for three minutes in cold
water. Use the syringe to plunge the mixture from the tube * and presto, curly
arugula "spaghetti."

Taste: There's really not much of one. The final result looks like strands of
Sour Patch candy but tastes like watery arugula. To boost the flavors, Thompson
paired these "noodles" with fresh cantaloupe and Parma prosciutto.

Difficulty: Fairly easy, but tedious. Forming the "spaghetti" with the syringe
was a little tricky at first. The kit only has three tubes for creating the
noodles, so making enough for more than two people will take a while.

Tips: Experiment with different greens, especially those with more pronounced
flavors. "I would try a basil 'spaghetti,' or use a strongly flavored herb,"
said Thompson. "I'd be interested to try something with sage."

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