Always on the lookout for handy little utilities I found this one today.

Seems to work OK, small and of course a freebie :-)

Quoted from their website:

"Fruit Nutrients Comparer

Fruit Nutrients Comparer is a software tool aimed to build nutrition
reports for a huge variety of fruits. It also builds comparison reports
for the fruits of your choice.
Using this tool is as easy as picking some fruits from the list and
clicking a button, this is all you need to get nutrition facts for over
one hundred fruits.
Each nutrition report is split into sections for each type of nutrient:
carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins… and each fruit report contains the
data for 30 different nutrients.
Reports are easy to understand, each nutrient section contains a table
with the raw data and a graph which makes it easier to compare."

Download from here:

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