Well, I made them accordingto the recipe form the URL I supplied
yesterday. They dried, but still all connected, kind of like bumpy fruit
leaather. I separated them with my finger and now have a sandwich bag of
very light, bits of dried cranberries. I thought they migh be too sweet,
but that is not the case, as much of the sweetess was left in the juice
from cooking them in the skillet. (I had that soaked into a piece of low
carb bread after I put the stuff into the oven. It took less that the 8
hours and I did not change the parchment(I used a silicon sheet) but I
did move them a little and turned them over when they were closer to
doone, so did not scrunch up if you puched them around. What inspired me
to use the silicon sheet was tht my drier in the country came with a
"berry sheet" wich was not, as I had asumed it would be a very fine mesh,
but a solid plactiky circle to fit on one of the trays. It seemed to work
and I had no parchment I coul dfind in the house. I know it wil turn up