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Thread: Do you have a chest freezer?

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    Julie Bove Guest

    Default Do you have a chest freezer?

    Or an extra freezer that is an upright? If so... What do you put in it?

    I got a little chest freezer for my birthday in 2011. I got it mainly
    because my husband eats an insane amount of ice cream and other frozen
    treats. He is particularly fond of some things made with strawberries. I
    dislike having to go to the store daily to supply him with these things. So
    I got the freezer and was able to get him some of the things at places like
    Winco and Costco where I could buy in bulk.

    I just partially cleaned out the side by side. Probably should do a really
    good job of it. Threw away tons of frozen treats. Somebody took all of the
    Popsicles out of the boxes and mixed the regular and sugar free so we
    couldn't tell which was which. And then there were things that I bought for
    my husband who will likely not be back here in time to eat them before they
    go bad.

    I cleaned out and defrosted the chest freezer. I did find a few things that
    were either old or that we can not eat. Threw those out. So what I am left
    with is a huge box of Coscto crinkle cut fries. I must have really lost my
    head when I bought those because I don't eat many fries. At the time that I
    bought them, Angela could eat them but she can't now. I had intended to use
    them up while husband was home but that didn't happen. I have part of a bag
    of Tater Tots, part of a bag of some kind of crispy fries and a large bag of
    hash browns which expire in Nov. and Dec. Also two bags of sweet potato
    fries. Also a box of cooked hamburger patties, a bag of cooked chicken that
    Angela didn't much like (but is going to have to eat), and a few boxes of
    single serve cheese enchiladas. Also part of a loaf of bread for stuffing.
    Also a Costco bag of strawberries that was likely a foolish purchase. I
    bought them when Angela was eating smoothies like mad and now she has gone
    off of them. Neither of us like strawberries very much and although I know
    there are other things we could do with them, they do not appeal to us. And
    a ton of ice that was packed with my insulin.

    So my plan for next week is to feed Angela the chicken (if I can get her to
    eat it), the few remaining cooked turkey patties that are in the side by
    side. She will have the sweet potato fries with those. I will have
    hamburger patties and either the Tater Tots or the fries unless it seems
    that my stomach can't handle that. My mom seems to think that fries are
    causing my stomach problems but I am not so sure about that. I think it is
    salad. We will also have either salad or raw veg.

    The week after that I will work on the hash browns which I will attempt to
    cook with some bell peppers, onion and bacon. Sort of like O'brien but not
    in dices. And Angela can have the enchiladas, the few remaining tamales
    that are in the side by side, and if need be, perhaps a sandwich or soup.
    And of course fresh veggies.

    That will allow me to use up or at least partially use up what we have and I
    won't have to buy too much else. Just some bread and fresh veg. Fine.

    But... That will leave my freezer pretty empty. And I want to fill it.
    But what to fill it with? We don't really eat a lot of meat and I am not
    really keen on frozen meats. I don't mind keeping a spare pack of ground
    beef. I guess I can make a batch of meatloaves. Maybe some stuffed bell
    peppers since Winco still seems to have a good price on the peppers. And I
    have plenty of foil pans. I assume it would work to do them that way. Oh
    and I suppose it might pay me to buy a lot of extra bell peppers while they
    are cheap and cut them up and freeze them. That is what my husband's aunt
    does. Angela tends to eat more raw ones but I do use them for things like
    chili and Spanish rice. Might even pay me to do the same with some onions.
    Since I think they are probably at a good price right now.

    I could get some more turkey patties since Angela likes them. But... I
    think it would be best to buy them fresh, cook then freeze. The frozen ones
    just didn't work well. It said to grill them from frozen but we have no
    grill and I couldn't get them apart. When I tried to thaw them, I just had
    a big mess. I cooked it all up anyway and Angela has been eating it.

    Angela does eat some whole wheat waffles but she doesn't eat them very often
    and she has enough for a while in the side by side because I used a coupon
    for them when Albertsons had the Twice The Value coupons one week. She
    chastised me for that but... I try to get things when they are cheap or
    free assuming we will eat them or in the case of non-perishable things I can
    donate to the food bank. So I don't really need those.

    I can get frozen veggies cheap or for free with coupons but so far the ones
    that we tried just didn't taste good and we didn't like them. I grew up
    eating only canned or fresh veggies so for me, frozen ones just don't seem
    right. And apparently Angela doesn't have a taste for them either. I can
    get away with them if I put them in a soup or casserole so long as they are
    cooked really well.

    Angela used to eat some little breakfasts because I could get them for cheap
    or free with coupons but... She can't eat them now. Does anyone make just
    an omelet that comes frozen? Perhaps one with some meat or cheese or veg?
    She would probably eat that. But the ones she used to get had potatoes in
    them and she can't have those now.

    I do not eat any kind of frozen treats and Angela seems to have gone off of
    them for the most part. She might eat something frozen if she has a sore
    throat. But mostly she doesn't eat them. And neither of us has an interest
    in frozen fruit of any kind. Except for those times when she goes on a
    smoothie kick and then she eats them like mad.

    So... What else am I not thinking about? I have a nice freezer out there
    just waiting to be filled. I don't usually like cooking things and freezing
    them but I don't mind with a few things like the meatloaf and the peppers
    because they are rather time consuming to make. But with other things like
    soup, I don't usually like to freeze them. The thought of making a
    casserole in a foil pan and freezing it does sound appealing but the problem
    there is that due to our differing food intolerances and diets, it is hard
    for me to come up with any one thing that we can both eat. But maybe I will
    do some research on that and try to come up with something.

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    Peppermint Patootie Guest

    Default Re: Do you have a chest freezer?

    In article <k4g3sv$8fb$>,
    "Julie Bove" <> wrote:

    > Or an extra freezer that is an upright? If so... What do you put in it?

    I have a chest freezer in the basement. It is mostly full of grass-fed
    humanely raised meat.

    I have a small upright freezer in the kitchen. It is full of more of
    that meet, frozen vegetables, frozen stock, frozen home-cooked foods,
    and ice cream.

    "What you fail to understand is that criticising established authority by means
    of argument and evidence is a crucial aspect of how science works."
    - Chris Malcolm

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