This kind of information changed me from abstinence to a 1 to 2 drinks
(Michelob Ultra) per day person.

I probably would not have not been motivated enough to drink the alcohol had
not it been for the immediate lowering of BG levels.

I am now eating my first fruit. I can eat a few blueberries each day without
a BG bump. I have also added tomatoes to my salad. I know, wild and crazy.
But the beer takes care of it.

I realize that alcohol, even if it works well, is not the best treatment for
many T2s. If you have the wrong dna that produces addiction, then this would
be a very bad choice. Drinking the beer each day is like swallowing down cod
liver oil to me. I have no taste for it. However, I do have a taste for a 20
point drop in BG level.

A beer and my treadmill session makes for some pretty nice numbers. This
alcohol intake produced a pretty serious change in my lipid panel. I still
have not gotten around to cutting my dose of Crestor. I need to do that and
then test. I will have to speak with my doctor about this. My last lipid
panel showed what looked like levels that were too low. The good news is
that switching from Zocor to Crestor stopped all my muscle pain.